Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gemeca Inn Fort Branch Indiana

My brother was kind enough to buy me lunch at the fine establishment called Gemeca Inn
located at 802 E. Locust St., Fort Branch, Indiana 47648, 812-753-4441
This place almost feels like home since my mother is from this town. The look of the place is a bit dated but appears to be clean.

We ordered 2 of the Delmonicos which is Gemeca inn’s signature steak

This is a Bacon wrapped sirloin and I forget what the other one was I think a Ribeye or a Strip.

This one reminds me of what my mom used to call a poor mans Filet. its a bacon wrapped hamburger.

and some carrot cake for desert

We all enjoyed the Steaks very much and I would say the sides were just OK. I had the cheese and Broccoli baked potato which is supposed to be another favorite. The sides are charged separately so I expected them to be better. The carrot cake was nothing special either. To sum it up I would say go for the steaks and don't expect much from the sides. Gemeca Inn on Urbanspoon

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